1. Our Earth is in a perfect position

Did you know that our planet sits in the perfect location, also known as the ‘The Goldilocks Zone’? This means it is just the right temperature for liquid water to exist. Something you, and the rest of life on Earth, very much depend on to survive.

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2. Earth has a protective shield

High above our atmosphere, a protective layer of gas and particles called the plasmasphere acts as an invisible “armor” of sorts to protect Earth from space-weather storms and deflects harmful ultrafast electrons which travel at near-light speed.


3. Earth has its own climate regulators

Trees are vital to us and our planet. They act as natural climate regulators and we depend on them down to the very air we breathe. Trees are important for things such as carbon storage, soil conservation and water cycle regulation. Simply put, they’re one of nature’s most effective ways to keep our ecosystems in balance. Without them, we lose extraordinary and essential functions for life on Earth. Did you also know that after oceans, forests are the largest stores of carbon on Earth? You do now.


4. Earth is full of mysteries

Did you know that oceans make up 70% of the Earth’s surface? And yet, over 80% of Earth’s oceans remainunmapped and unexplored. Scientists estimate that over a million undiscovered species could live here. As we said, mystery is out there.